Frequently Asked Questions

About Service

What is
It's a domain name provider. i.e. You can have your own custom domain names for free. Example: ,
What is the use of having your own domain name?

- You can publish your contents in his own name.

- A small scale Industry can start its own custom domain name based website. eg..

- Everyone can select their own custom domain names for their websites.(Whether it's Personal, Social Networking, Business, e-commerce, and everything). You can keep your favorite name as the domain name of your website, that too for free.

Are you affiliated with vuNIC(Registery for .vu domain)?

No we are not affiliated with vuNIC(Registery for .vu domain).


How many domains can you register it for free?

You can register upto 3 domains for free. If you want more domains you can upgrade to pro and register up to 25 domains

Difference between Free domain and Pro domain

Free domains has limited functionality domains with branding in it. Pro domains has all the features with no branding

Free Domain Pro Domain
One Click DNS Setup

Use as custom domain for online services

  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • And More Branding In Domains Branding will be shown on your domain

Basic DNS Settings

Manage DNS settings like A record and CNAME

Advanced DNS Settings

Manage advanced DNS settings like MX (Mail Exchanger), SPF (Sender Policy Framework), TXT (Text)


Take full control of your domain by pointing to your own nameserver.

Email Forwarding

Create emails ids for domain like [email protected] and forward it Gmail, Yahoo Mail


Difference between Free membership and Pro membership

In free membership plan, you will able to use 3 free domains. In Pro membership plan, you can use up to 25 pro domains with all pro features described above.
Please refer our pricing page to know more about the plans.

How does domain expiry and domain renewal works?

When you register free domains it will expire in 1 year from the date you register. If you want the continue using the domain after 1 year you have Upgrade to Pro Membership

Can I hold/block the domain name without using it?

We want to have fare use policy. If you are effectively using your domain you can always use by renewing every year. You don't have to worry about it.
But if you are just holding/blocking the domain name without using it, you need to upgrade to pro plan for holding it longer.
If you are in a free plan and not using the domain for 30 days from the date of registration, it will available for others to register.

What if I don't need the domain name?

You can delete your domains in mydomains page.

What are reserved domains?

If any of the users deletes a domain, It will be moved to the reserved state. It will be in reserved state for 15 days. Domains which are in reserved state can only be registered only as pro domain or by the users in pro Membership plan. After 15 days it will be available for every one.

I am not familiar with setting up the dns. What can I do?

No worries. We have provided one click option to configure the domain to popular services like Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly etc. We will be adding other services pretty soon.
If you want to configure your own dns we have provided options for that too. You also have the option to configure the nameserver setting for your domain.


I find some of the domains are spreading malware/phishing or serving inappropriate contents?

Please report us in Report Us page. We will review it and take necessary steps to stop it


What if I have to change my account details like email,password

You can change email,password in the settings page

Still Have Question?

Drop us a email [email protected]. We will address you right back.