Plans & Pricing

Free Membership

$ 2.99 / Month

Pro Membership
No of Domains allowed

No of domains you can register in each membership
* Difference Between Free vs Pro Domains

Free Domains
Pro Domains
Domain Registration Duration

How long the domain can be registered as free domain?

1 Year No Duration.
It will be yours untill you are pro member
Domain after 1 Year

What if I need the domain after 1 Year?

Upgrade to Pro Membership if you need the domain No Duration.
It will be yours untill you are pro member
Short Domains

Can I register Short Domain (2 or 3 character Domains)?

No 5
Short Domain Included
Reserved & Premium Domains

Can I register Reserved & Premium Domains?

No You can register Reserved & Premium domains

Free vs Pro domains

Free Domain Pro Domain
One Click DNS Setup

Use as custom domain for online services

  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • And More Branding In Domains Branding will be shown on your domain

Basic DNS Settings

Manage DNS settings like A record and CNAME

Advanced DNS Settings

Manage advanced DNS settings like MX (Mail Exchanger), SPF (Sender Policy Framework), TXT (Text)


Take full control of your domain by pointing to your own nameserver.

Email Forwarding

Create emails ids for domain like and forward it Gmail, Yahoo Mail

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